Consider Your Tire Pressure Sensors for Safety

Newer vehicles now come equipped with tire pressure sensors on each of the wheels. Basically what happens is when the pressure inside one or more tires becomes lower than is recommended, your tire pressure light will come on inside of your vehicle. This is designed to alert you that there is a problem. You can then pull over and take a good look at your vehicle and determine what is going on.

A simple problem could just be that your tires need a bit of air. This is very common, especially when the weather turns colder and the air inside of your tires condenses a bit. You may have run over something very small on the road and it embedded itself into your tire, causing a slow leak of air to occur over time.

If a problem with your tire is going on, you will want to address it before your tire becomes flat. If it's time for a set of new tires or routine service, give the Hank Graff Chevrolet service team a call.


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